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no shit
Я скачала BDRip "The Fall" с тремя звуковыми дорожками. Две из них - аудиокомментарии (режиссера, сценаристов и Ли Пейса).
Собираюсь переслушать это все три раза.

UPD Посмотрела пока только одно, завтра второе. У меня, если честно, нет слов. 2 часа просто слушала, что Тарсем рассказывал, и это неимоверно, все истории про бесконечный поиск нужных мест, и как они снимали втихаря, по 10 минут в разных запрещенных местах, как он доставал игру из Катинки, как Ли приходилось делать двойную работу, потому что ему нужно было подстраиваться под Катинку.
В общем, читайте, я далеко не все самое крутое выписала, потому что я банально забывалась в тексте на минуты, прежде чем вспоминала, что что-то нужно писать.

Audio commentary #1 - Director
17 years it took from the time I've start writing and location scouting, but she was the one. The moment I saw her I said she is a different person
I need to make it immediately. It's all because of her. Made it happen. Catinca Untaru.

When I went to cast him, I've only seen him as a woman, in Soldier's girl. When I went to cast him, I don't do any reading.
I had just had one person, one question, and you just know you can't walk for 12 weeks and it would be pretty depressing.
He asked - what the question, and I said - you know, you were very convincing as a woman in that, do you have a penis? He said - I have a penis and I said - the part is yours.

She and including the whole-whole crew except for the wardrobe person, everybody was told and belived that Roy can not walk. Nobody knew who he was.
I've seen him in one movie before, Soldier's Girl, so I was sure nobody will recognize him. I've told everyone he was a stage actor after an accident.

She was afraid of him, she couldn't come near him at first. She just stood by the door.

[Alexander Macedonian scene, about the soldiers] This guys are all drunk, by the way.They are local guys.

"All the troubles so hard" is a slave song, but i had russian ortodox sing it.

By this time she's completely in love with him and just thinks nothing he can ever do is wrong.
She wouldn't buy that he would be angry. So I have Lee, when he starts talk to her, say something angry to her. I just told him - you know what? Say her name. And he said "Catinca". Somewhere out there his mouth will move but nothing's there.

The moment when he said "Are you trying to save my soul?" is my favourite and was shot in one take

She was supposed to bring a bottle that has less pills in it and they're not enought for him to OD. But what happen is the way he writes E is kinda like a 3, and when she said "three" that's kinda get me the idea that was ten times more interesting.

By this time she knew her lines sometimes, and she would repeat them after saying the lines. She would say a line and then say it again to herself.

These guys on the front horses are so stiff cause those horses have the attitude, they've come from Afghanistan. They've liked our kind of shooting cause the people weren't dying.

[When he found out that his neighbor was getting not a real pills and yells] I didn't realise how badly she was going to freak and when she looked at the camera and I was terrified. I couldn't get her near him for three days after this.
He's talking loudly, she's freaking out. And she doesn't wanna look at him. She just looked away from him and just stands there.
I didn't know that she was going to have such a freak out. That HE was going to have such a freak out. God, that was just one take.

The ending, I wanted to keep it as open as possible. If you think he made it in the end - you're an optimist. If you think he stayed there as a crippler - you're a pessimist. If you think that doesn't matter - you're a skeptical. If you don't care - than you definitely probably a critic or something.

I hope this kind of thing doesn't possess me again. It's been 17 years and absolutely loved the process of making it. All my money is gone, I'm happier than a pig in poop. I've made the film I've been up to make.
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"Я не солист, но я чужд ансамблю".
Мне, только я прочитаю не раньше января-февраля, когда посмотрю.

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no shit

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"Я не солист, но я чужд ансамблю".
ну как есть!

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слабоумие и отвага
фильм просто сумасшедший, поразительный. действительно один в своем роде.

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no shit
Хайдер, когда я услышала про эти 17 лет я поняла, что, на самом деле, нет смысла ждать от Тарсема столь же гениального фильма.
не потому, что он не может, потому что он, наверное, все-таки способен еще. А потому что он уже сделал фильм своей жизни.

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"Я не солист, но я чужд ансамблю".
Мой январь-февраль затянулся до октября.
Я не знаю, что могу сказать про этот фильм. Он просто немыслимый.
Да что я тебе рассказываю.

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"Я не солист, но я чужд ансамблю".
Сначала вообще ничего не сказать, а потом начинаешь говорить, и кажется, что говоришь про него неправильно.